Our company understands that you may not be acquainted with all technological acronyms. That is where we come in. We are here to help you understand LAMP technologies and use them for your company.

We are here to explain things you do not understand, answer questions you have, and ensure that you leave one hundred percent satisfied with our services.

LAMP is an acronym which is used to describe the grouping of free, open source software available to users. The acronym includes the first letters of the main components which build a web server including the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP server, the MySQL database software, and PHP or Perl.

We have answers to questions such as:

  • What are LAMP technologies?

  • What option is best suited for my product, my market, and my users?

  • How much will the set up cost me?

  • How can I incorporate this feature with my website?

  • Is this the best solution for my company needs?

  • What options do I have with each component?

  • Will there be any technical issues? If so, how can I fix them?

When you rely on our team we will help make your decision easier and implement a solution to satisfy your company needs.

Our company is here to help you determine which solutions are best for your site, while constructing a successful web development plan. If you have questions, we have answers. We have experience working with a number of successful LAMP technology packages and we take that experience back to you.

If you need help with your design you can turn to us for assistance. Our team is highly diverse and we can work with you to create a package deal which has a layout that is easily navigated by your users, promoting increased viewing, shopping, and sales for you and your company.

We will make sure you leave one hundred percent satisfied!

With our services you can enjoy top notch LAMP technologies. Each LAMP package may vary in terms of the combined software, especially in regard to the web scripting software which is used. This particular combination of software has become popular because it is free and it is open-source. This means that it can be easily adapted

We can explain to you why Linux operating systems are better in terms of functionality as well, when compared to other platforms.

This is because these systems can handle more processes at the same time which helps you to optimize the server. The scripting languages supported by Linux operating systems are very wide. Commonly, Linux systems can support C, C++, Perl, Tcl, Java, PHP, Shell, and Python. Linux web hosts support mSOL and MySOL databases.

Knowing this, with our team of developers by your side you can select a database which meets your needs and the offers of your web host.

Even if you are new to LAMP technologies, our team is not. We are here to help so do not hesitate to contact us!